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Cricket Betting | The Most Popular Sports in India

Cricket betting is the most well-liked sport in India, and with the proliferation of online sports betting, betting on cricket matches has become a popular hobby for many people in the country. The excitement and thrill that betting on cricket can provide, in addition to the possibility of significant wins, are likely contributing factors to the sport’s rising appeal. 

Cricket betting

With the emergence of online bookies offering a broad range of betting choices, cricket betting in India has gone a long way. These possibilities include pre-match and in-play betting, as well as other betting markets such as match outcome, top batsman, and greatest wicket-taker. Anyone with access to the internet and a mobile device may make a wager on a cricket match through the convenient medium of online betting.

Brief History of Cricket

After about the year 1760, bowlers started pitching the ball instead of rolling it along the ground. Because of this development, the “hockey-stick” structure bat was transitioned away from the straight bat. Approximately thirty years before the establishment of the MCC and the inauguration of Lord’s Cricket Ground in 1787, the Hambledon Club in Hampshire served as the center of attention for the sport of cricket.

History of cricket

The English provinces in what is currently known as North America were liable for carrying cricket to that district as soon as the seventeenth hundred years. In the 18th century, the cricket spread to other areas of the world. It was brought to the West Indies by colonists, and it was brought to India by seafarers working for the British East India Company. It arrived in Australia shortly after the colonization of the country began in 1788. By the early years of the 19th century, rugby had also made its way to South Africa and New Zealand.

The Fundamentals of Betting on Cricket Online

Fundamentals of online cricket betting

In order to accurately anticipate the outcomes of sporting events, it is essential to have a solid understanding of the technical aspects of the sport in question as well as at least the fundamentals of the games itself. Cricket is a varied sport that has undergone development over the course of its history. The game’s regulations have been changed multiple times, and new forms have been introduced; as a result, cricket’s popularity has reached a level that has never been seen before.

Cricket Betting Odds 

Cricket betting odds

Regarding betting on cricket, punters may choose from several different odds formats. Some of the most well-known ones are as follows:

  • Decimal Odds: This is the most common format used in cricket betting. Decimal odds represent the total amount to be returned on a winning bet, including the original stake. 
  • Fractional Odds: Fractional odds are another widely used format in cricket betting, particularly in the UK. They are represented as fractions and indicate the potential profit relative to the stake. 
  • Moneyline Odds: Moneyline odds, also known as American odds, are often used in cricket betting, especially in North America. They are displayed as positive or negative numbers. Positive numbers indicate the potential profit on a ₹100 stake, while negative numbers represent the amount needed to wager to win ₹100. 
  • Fractional/Decimal Conversion: In some cases, you might come across odds that are presented in one format but can be converted to another.

The Most Well-Known Cricket Betting Markets

This comprehensive reference to the cricket betting market will supply bettors with in-depth information on all of the available wagering alternatives, which they will find that particular online sportsbook, like 10cric, provide a diverse selection of betting possibilities for their customers. We have developed a list of the most lucrative betting markets to assist novice cricket fans in making more knowledgeable decisions.

Most well-known cricket betting markets

Match Winner

Many bettors choose the winner. However, a tie nullifies your bet. The bookie will refund your bet. If you wager on the winner, the underdog (the side anticipated to lose) has the better odds.

Toss Winner

The home captain flips a coin 30 minutes before a cricket match, and the visiting captain chooses heads or tails—the captain who correctly forecasts the toss decides which team bats first.

Top Batsman/Top Runs Scorer

Punters can pick the game’s best batter. Some bookies call this market Top Runs Scorer. This is one of the most thrilling bets, but when both sides are excellent, it might take a lot of work to pick the best batsman.

Top Bowler

Batting and bowling dominate cricket. Betting on the top bowler, who takes the most wickets, may appeal to cricket fans. Top Wicket-Taker is another betting market. Weather and country affect the bowler’s performance.

First Wicket

Another famous market is the first wicket. First-wicket dismissals are guessed. Caught, bowled, stumped, run out, and LBW is the most common. Punters must study the batting and bowler’s trends before wagering on the first wicket.

Most Sixes

When the batter smashes the ball, and it flies over the boundary, a team can score six runs in cricket. Punters must pick the team with the most sixes. Fans must grasp each team’s strategy to win. 

Top Cricket Betting Tournaments Worldwide

Bettors have their pick of a number of different competitions to wager on in cricket. The game may be played in a number of different ways, which means there is something for each and every participant to enjoy. However, if you’re new to the world of cricket, trying to figure out where to begin with tournaments might feel like a bit of an overwhelming task.

Top cricket betting tournaments

ICC Cricket World Cup

The International Cricket Council’s Men’s World Cup is largely regarded as the sport’s most prestigious cup competition. The One-Day International (ODI) event is played once every four years, with the inaugural iteration of the competition taking place in 1975. 

ICC Champions Trophy

The ICC Champions Trophy, initially called the ICC Knockout Tournament, is a competition contested in the ODI format and occurs once every four years. In 2017, The ICC decided to discontinue the competition but the decision was overturned in 2021 and is scheduled to resume in 2025. 

T20 World Cup

Since its inception in 2007, the Twenty20 World Cup has rapidly risen to become one of the most prominent competitions in the sport of cricket. The Twenty20 format has been increasingly popular in recent years, and this event features some of the best cricket players in the world. The Twenty20 World Cup occurs once every four years.

Champions League Twenty20

Between the years 2008 and 2014, there was an event called the Champions League Twenty20 that was played every year. Between September and October, a tournament with a round-robin and knockout format would be played with a total of twelve teams competing. At the competition, teams competed from eight nations that played in test matches. It was canceled in 2014 as a result of low ratings. 

Indian Premier League

The Indian Premier competition, often known as the IPL, is widely considered the most popular cricket competition in the world. This league has grown to become the most prestigious Twenty20 tournament on the planet since 2008. This event is held annually and is watched by around 400 million people worldwide. Ten teams are competing for the prize, with the Mumbai Indians being the most successful team in the competition’s history. 

Cricket Payment Methods

Cricket payment methods

Betting on cricket matches through 10cric gives bettors the choice to deposit betting money through the following payment options:

  • Credit and Debit Cards: 10cric accepts a wide variety of debit and credit cards.
  • E-Wallets: 10cric also accepts payments through e-wallets.
  • Cryptocurrency: The platform also accepts cryptocurrency payments through USDT and BTC.
  • Bank Transfers: 10cric offers direct bank transfers and VIP-exclusive online banking options.

Live Betting: Seizing Opportunities through Rapidly Changing Odds

Live betting allows cricket bettors to place bets on ongoing cricket matches and take advantage of the changing odds to win more real money than when placing early bets. This presents unique opportunities for sports fans and cricket enthusiasts who constantly stay up-to-date with the latest cricket news to take advantage of before sportsbooks can adjust their odds.

Live cricket betting

Some tips when placing live bets are the following:

  • Watch the Match Live: The best way to get the latest information is by watching the match live. This allows bettors to assess the players’ performances, the game’s momentum, and even pitch conditions more accurately.
  • Analyze Key Moments: Observe when powerplay overs occur, a wicket falls, and the batting partnerships to identify potential betting opportunities, especially when the sportsbook offers other markets.
  • Manage Risks: Betting live can be frantic and unpredictable. Keep a close eye on the match. If you can’t monitor the match properly, stick to your established betting strategies.

Cricket Betting Tips for Beginners

Cricket betting tips

If you’re new to betting on cricket matches, you’ll need to follow some tips to get started with betting.

  • Research and analyze different factors, including team, player, and pitch conditions.
  • Get familiar with different cricket formats, including Test Matches, ODIs, and T20s.
  • Manage the bankroll wisely.
  • Compare odds from different 10cric sportsbooks to find the best value bet.
  • Consider the impact of the current weather conditions.
  • Use a mobile cricket betting application to place bets on the go.

Legal Considerations Regarding Betting on Cricket in India

Legal considerations of cricket betting

Betting on cricket in India falls into legal limbo due to the country’s complex gambling laws. The rules that govern betting on cricket are different in each state, with some jurisdictions permitting betting on the sport if certain conditions are met. However, because of the accessibility and ease of online betting platforms operating outside of India, there has been a rise in popularity among Indian bettors using these platforms.


The International Cricket Council (ICC) Cricket World Cup is widely regarded as the most critical and competitive cricket competition on the planet. The competition has been running since 1975 when it was first staged in England. It is now directed once every four years. Ten teams will compete against one another in an international style over a single day to win the prize.  

The 12 nations that compete in test cricket are ranked based on their performance in the ICC test rankings. Following every match, the orders are revised. Once upon a time, the group that finished the previous season with the most victories would be awarded a monetary prize on April 1; however, this tradition is no longer followed. 

The rankings for international Twenty20 teams are known as the T20 rankings. These rankings, just like the test and ODI rankings, involve a complicated mathematical method to establish a team’s standing by awarding points following each match they play in. 


Betting on cricket has the potential to be quite profitable. The fact that there are so many different versions and formats offers it a competitive advantage unrivaled by any other sport in the world. Newer forms like the Twenty20 and the Hundred provide faster-paced action for bettors to enjoy, but traditional test series is more enjoyable for cricket fans. Because there are so many different formats and tournaments, there is always something exciting to bet on. In addition, 10cric online casino provides customers with frequent opportunities to take advantage of free bets and other benefits.