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10cric Andar Bahar: Your Comprehensive Gameplay Guide

How to Play Andar Bahar

The Andar Bahar is a traditional card game that originates in India. It is a straightforward card game that includes a component of random chance on how to play Andar Bahar. The game’s primary objective is to combine the Joker card with other cards from the Andar or Bahar sides of the board.

The commencement of the game marks the beginning of the betting round. The players can place Bets on either the Andar or the Bahar side. After players have placed their wagers, the dealer will show them the card values and determine the payouts for any bets that match the value of the Joker card. All rewards are distributed by the terms mentioned.

Setting Up Andar Bahar

Setting Up Andar Bahar

After shuffling the deck of 52 cards, the first card, known as the Joker and dealt face up, is revealed. On a bespoke table, the Andar or Bahar players place their wagers with the dealer, who then collects them. After the bets have been established, a single face-up card is dealt to each side of the table. The prizes are given out after the winners are chosen.

How to Play Andar Bahar Online Card Game

Before any cards are dealt, you will need to decide whether you want to win on the Andar or Bahar table by placing your stake. After placing your chips in the appropriate location on the table, the game will proceed to the next round. The card drawn by the dealer will take on the role of the Joker. The dealer then draws a card for Andar, and if that card does not match the Joker, they draw a card for Bahar. 

How to Play Andar Bahar Online Card Game

If the drawn card does match the Joker, the game continues with Andar. If the card drawn for Bahar does not match the Joker either, then the round will continue with the dealer drawing cards for Andar and Bahar. The game will end if the card drawn for Andar does not match the Joker. The game is won by whichever team draws a card that matches its own first.

Read the Rules Before Placing Bets

Read the Rules Before Placing Bets
  • Two sets of boxes are seen on an Andar Bahar table. These boxes have the labels Andar and Bahar on them. 
  • A single deck of cards is used throughout the game, and the dealer will shuffle the deck before each round.
  • When the dealer exposes the first card, which is known as the Joker, and sets it in the middle of the table, the game has officially begun.
  • The next step is for each player at the table to put their bets by selecting whether they believe the Joker will fall on the Andar set or the Bahar box.
  • These first wagers are put on the box designated “1st bet for both the box” and placed there.
  • The dealer will stop calling bets until all the players have put their initial wager, at which point they will begin drawing cards for each box in an order that alternates. In practice, the dealer will start by revealing one card for Bahar, and then they will show one card for Andar after that.
  • If the Joker appears on the first card drawn for Bahar, then all players who have bet on Bahar will get a payout equal to 25 percent of the amount they wagered. As a direct result, every player who gambles on Andar will suffer a loss.
  • If the Joker is the first card drawn for the Andar set, all players who placed bets on Andar are given even money, while all players who placed bets on Bahar are considered to have lost their wagers. 
  • Players get a second chance to put their second wager if the Joker does not show up in either of the first two cards that are dealt to them. This wager is placed at the section of the board titled “2nd bet for both sets.”
  • After all the players have put in their second bets, the dealer will not accept any more bets and will begin drawing cards again. These cards are laid one at a time, alternating between Bahar and Andar until the Joker card is exposed.
  • If the first card drawn on the second bet is a Joker, then the payout for the double bet will equal 25% of the total amount staked, and the payout for the first bet will be even money.


One strategy that might help you win in Andar Bahar is participating in the game’s side bets. In this manner, even if you wind up losing the principal wager in the Andar Bahar online game, you will still have a chance to recoup some of your money by winning some of the side bets.

The card game known as Andar Bahar is a game with even odds in which participants choose one of two sides and can place additional bets on various combinations and outcome possibilities.

A significant number of online casinos provide Andar Bahar, but your tastes and physical location will determine the one that is most suitable for you. We highly recommend that you look at 10cric since it is now regarded as one of India’s best Andar Bahar online casinos. They provide a large selection of Andar Bahar games, including Andar Bahar with live dealers, a big welcome bonus, and safe and secure payment options.


It should take at most five minutes to understand how to play Andar Bahar online, which is common knowledge. However, given that it’s a game of chance, you should be cautious and aware. Suppose you want to increase your chances of earning steady money with 10cric betting site games. In that case, we have several other skill-based games that might provide you infinite pleasure, not to mention the opportunity to earn money.

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