The Next Level: Play FC Slots at 10Cric and Win Big

FC Gaming, or Fa Chai Gaming, is a top software provider in China that provides online casinos with online slot machines and fishing games. FC slots feature medium to high volatility, high RTP, and odds as high as 50000X for big winnings.

FC Slot Review

Fa Chai is a term that loosely means “wishing you prosperity in the coming year,” or “wishing you happiness and prosperity,” depending on whether it is the Mandarin or Cantonese translation. As such, the theme of FC slots is typically festive, lively, and cartoonish to help players have fun and relax. Because of this, playing FC slots is ideal when aiming to win big.

FC Slots Advantages

The advantages of gaming through FC slots are the following:

  • High odds
  • Bonus of up to 50000X
  • Plenty of features on slots to help them win big
FC Slot Advantage

Being able to play FC slots allows gamblers to play games while aiming to win big thanks to the multiple online slots it provides with high bonuses and many multipliers. These help gamblers win more real money per gaming session, provided they get lucky and always aim to unlock features. Gaming and winning may be difficult for casual gamblers with limited bankrolls, but those with substantial bankrolls will be able to enjoy the many benefits of playing FC slots.

What Makes FC Gaming Unique?

Fa Chai Gaming’s uniqueness comes from its name which is closely associated with festivals and prosperity, resulting in its games being more festive, having higher RTP, and featuring more bonuses than that of other gaming providers. Casual gamblers may have a hard time making a profit from FC slot machines, but dedicated ones won’t have the same problem while playing the high volatility slots.

FC Slot Gaming Unique

Top FC Slot Machines

FC Gaming provides online casinos with plenty of slot games, including profitable high volatility slots. Some of the top games are the following:

FC Slot Machines

Hot Pot Party

An intermediate volatility slot machine that uses hotpots as symbols and features an RTP of 96.50% and a 50000X bonus as the biggest bonus for gamblers. Gamblers will need to play this slot machine repeatedly to unlock 6X6 squares by collecting 15 “clearance symbols” and having a better chance of winning the jackpot. This also features 10 free spins per round.


Low volatility slot with an RTP of 96.41% and a top bonus of 300X. This slot allows gamblers to access a bonus game when they get 4 consecutive COMBOs.

Chinese New Year

Intermediate volatility slot with an RTP of 96.02% and a top bonus of 15000X. When firecrackers appear on five reels, gamblers can play free games where they have a chance to play up to 100 free spins.


You can play FC slots by registering at 10cric, making a deposit, and navigating to the slot gaming providers. 

Fa Chai Gaming’s online casinos are legitimate and are perfect for serious gamblers who want to try their luck in winning big. This provider features a wide selection of FC slot machines and other profitable games.

Hot Pot Party. This game’s exceptionally high top bonus paired with its intermediate volatility make it ideal for many gamblers who have a substantial bankroll to try and win big.


FC Gaming is one of the most well-known software providers for online casinos that provide festive-themed and profitable slot machines. Gaming using FC slots can help many serious gamblers win big thanks to the many features available per game. However, casual gamblers might feel out of place when they can’t unlock certain features due to their low stakes or limited playtime thanks to their lower bankrolls.

Ready to embark on an exciting fishing adventure? Cast your line into the FC Slot at 10cric online casino and discover a world of lucrative rewards waiting to be caught!