Embrace Responsible Gaming with 10cric Tools and Resources

At 10cric, we are dedicated to promoting responsible gaming as an alternative form of leisure and enjoyment, with stakeholders bearing a shared responsibility to guarantee that our gaming choices are well-informed and our gaming behaviors are ethical.

Our top priority is ensuring players have a fair and secure gaming experience while also safeguarding them from any unfavorable game-related outcomes.

10cric Responsible Gaming

Offering ethical gambling alternatives to its consumers is a priority for 10cric. We have developed a curriculum for moral gaming that outperforms expectations and produces exceptional outcomes. We work to create a culture where ethical gaming is more understood and where receiving customer service is easy and private. Our projects help those in need or educate personnel on how to serve visitors.

To offer our visitors specialized customer service, we collaborate with the local consulting firm Life Change Recovery Center. Please take pleasure in controlled, logical, and responsible play.

Addiction to gambling

10cric Addiction for Responsible Gaming

When a gambler experiences an overwhelming drive to play, it becomes a problem since it can result in debt or even cause harm to one’s family or community.

  • The psychological, physical, social, and professional spheres of life are all affected by gambling addiction. The following actions are indicative of it:
  • Growing compulsiveness with gambling.
  • a requirement to wager greater money more frequently.
  • When attempting to stop, agitation or restlessness.
  • losing pursuit.
  • loss of self-control brought on by a propensity to gamble despite unfavorable repercussions that are becoming more severe and pressing.

Responsible Gaming

10cric Responsible Gaming

Players who enjoy gambling often have a tendency to occasionally spend more than they are allowed to. To keep your gambling expenses under control, we advise developing an extensive financial strategy. Sometimes people downplay the seriousness of their own problems and only ask for help when things are really bad. Ask yourself the hard questions, and if you think you might have a problem, set a goal for yourself to stop gambling for a certain amount of time, like two weeks or a month. If you are unable to do this, you may be experiencing a problem that could have an impact on not only you but also your family, job, and personal life. While you play, kindly use caution.

Who can play on the 10cric platform?

10cric Responsible Gaming Platform

The 10cric platform and betting terminals are open to players 21 and older. Gamers are required to sign up for their own 10cric accounts and verify their identity via the Know Your Customer (KYC) process.

What is the KYC verification process?

The Know Your Customer (KYC) verification procedure is used to determine whether players who register their accounts are using legitimate identities and are in reality permitted to wager on sports. You can accomplish this by showing a legitimate ID to an approved 10cric representative. Such actions are critical to preserving legal compliance and deterring unlawful activity on the 10cric platform.

Who is prohibited from partaking in online sports betting?

10cric Responsible Gaming for Online betting

a. government employees that have a direct connection to running the government or any of its agencies
b. Personnel from the India National Police and the Military Forces of India.
c. Anyone under the age of 21 or students enrolled in any institution of higher education nationwide

Betting is secure at 10cric

The majority of land-based and online casinos are focused on making it simpler to play online casino games and to participate in online sports betting with a safe, responsible approach top of mind, which is good news since it demonstrates the great majority of them are focused on making it easier to play online casino games and to participate in online sports betting.

We at 10cric casino actively provide our players with materials for safer gambling as part of the NIGC’s program to encourage responsible gaming and avoid problem gambling. We make sure to discuss the warning signs of problem gambling openly and to provide all of our gamblers with the information they need should they feel the need to seek assistance.

10cric Responsible Gaming for Betting

We’ve consulted reputable research organizations, organizations, and counseling services over the years for guidance on the development and application of well-researched procedures to assist us in developing an online gaming site that is responsible, safe, and reliable. As a result, we have accepted the challenge of creating a gaming environment that adheres to three fundamental principles: real fairness, real security, and real prevention.

In terms of preventing compulsive gambling, we provide you, the online gambler, the ability to set your own individual spending and deposit caps. These could apply to daily, weekly, or monthly play restrictions. At any time, you can easily ask to have these restrictions reduced. Requests for limit increases, however, only take effect after a little delay (one day for daily limits, seven days for weekly limits, and 30 days for monthly limits).