Your Trust, Our Responsibility: 10cric’s Privacy Policy

We appreciate you using the 10cric platform. We refer to the Platform and the services we offer as described on our Platform collectively as the “Services” because 10cric is dedicated to upholding the privacy policy and concerns of all Users of our 10cric website (the “Platform”) and takes its obligations under applicable privacy laws and regulations (the “Privacy Laws”) seriously.

10cric Privacy policy

A user who registers with us for an account to use the Services is referred to as a “User.” We appreciate the confidentiality and security of the personal information you have entrusted to us, and we consider it our job to handle, safeguard, and treat it in compliance with relevant laws.

This privacy statement (sometimes known as a “privacy policy” or “policy”) is meant to explain how we collect, use, disclose, and/or otherwise handle the personal data that you have provided to us or that we may collect in the future. By enlightening you about the matter, it also intends to assist you in deciding whether to provide us with any personal information.

A person who can be identified from the data, or from the data and other information to which an organization has or is expected to have access, is said to have “personal data,” regardless of whether the information is genuine or untrue. Examples of common personal data include names, identification numbers, and contact information.

By using the Services, creating a user account with us, accessing the Platform, or in any other way using the Services, you recognize and agree that you accept the practices, guidelines, and/or policies contained in this privacy policy. You also agree that we may collect, use, disclose, and/or process your personal information in the ways described in this Privacy Statement.

If we change this Privacy Policy, we will notify you, including by posting the changed Privacy Policy on our Platform, so please do not use our services or use our platform if you do not agree to the processing of your personal data as described in this privacy policy. This privacy policy is subject to change at any time, with or without notice. To the fullest extent permissible by applicable law, your continued use of the Services or Platform shall constitute your acknowledgment and acceptance of any changes made to this Privacy Policy.

This Policy is in addition to any other notices, contractual terms, and consent clauses that apply to the collection, storage, use, disclosure, and/or processing of your personal data by us unless we expressly state otherwise. It is not meant to replace any notices or clauses. Buyers and sellers who use the Services are both covered by this Policy unless otherwise stated.

When does 10cric Collect Personal Infomation?

10cric Privacy policy 
  • when you sign up for an account with us, use our platform or services, or register with us.
  • whenever you make use of our goods and services, enter into any contracts, or provide other documentation or information in connection with your business activities with us.
  • Whenever you communicate with us, including while speaking with one of our customer service professionals, whether by phone (which may be recorded), letter, fax, in-person meeting, social media platform, or email.
  • if you use our electronic services, get in touch with us through our website, or use our platform to access services. We may accomplish this, among other things, by using cookies on our website when you visit it.
  • allowing information on your device to be accessed by our application or platform.
  • whenever you use our services to conduct business.
  • if you contact us with a complaint or to voice your opinions.
  • We do not claim that the list of scenarios above includes all the ways we might get your personal information. It just offers a few instances.

What personally identifiable data will 10cric gather?

10cric Privacy policy gather data

The following categories of personal data are examples of the sorts that 10cric may collect.

  • Name, email address, birth date, billing or delivery address, payment and bank account information, phone number, gender, and location information.
  • Data related to or sent by the device(s) used to access our platform or services.
  • Information about your network, the users, and the accounts you communicate with.
  • Sound or visual recordings, or both.
  • Identification documents issued by the government or other information required for fraud protection, client identification, or other functions connected to our due diligence.
  • Information regarding your preferences for getting marketing from us and third parties, as well as data on previous interactions you’ve had with us, our service providers, and other third parties.
  • Information about your interactions with adverts and content on the Platform, your searches and orders, and other activities and services that are specific to you are examples of use and transaction information.
  • whenever the User uses such services or platforms, any additional information about the User collected at the time of registration to use our services or platform, and any information relevant to the User’s use of those services or platforms.
  • information in general about the content users interacts with.

You vow not to give us any information that is false or misleading and to let us know right away if any of that information changes or is inaccurate. To verify the information you provided, we reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to ask for more proof.

If you do not want us to gather the aforementioned information/personal data, you may opt-out at any time by writing to our data protection officer. However keep in mind that you might not be able to use the Services or the Platform as you normally would if you choose not to give us permission to collect, use, or process your personal data.

Privacy Policy Other Data Gathering

Your device sends information when you explore our Platform, just like it does when you visit most websites, and that information may include details about you that are logged by a web server. This normally includes, but is not limited to, your device’s Internet Protocol (IP) address, computer or mobile device operating system, and browser type, as well as the sort of mobile device, its characteristics, its unique device identification (UDID) or mobile equipment identifier (MEID), and the URL of a referring website (if any), the websites you use, the pages you view, the times of your visits, and sporadically a “cookie” (which may be turned off using your browser settings.

10cric Privacy policy Data Gathering

If you are logged in, this information refers to your personal account. The information is also used in anonymous statistics to help us better understand how users interact with our website.

Our websites may be able to precisely locate the location of your mobile device using methods like GPS, Wi-Fi, and others. We may gather, use, disclose, and/or process this information as part of the services offered by our mobile applications for one or more purposes, such as fulfilling your requests for location-based services, sending you pertinent content based on your location, or letting you share your location with other Users.

You can withdraw your permission for us to obtain this location data from you on the majority of mobile devices by changing your device settings. If you have any questions on how to disable location services on your device, please contact the manufacturer or your mobile device service provider.

When you access other applications on our Platform or through the Services, you provide us a lot of the same data—including, without limitation, IP addresses, operating systems, etc.—when you browse pages on our website, watch content and adverts, or otherwise interact with our platform or services. However, your device gives us data about the content, adverts displayed, and/or software installed by the Services and the Platform, along with the date and time, as opposed to sending us information about page views.

Cookie Policy

When you use our Services or Platform, we or our authorized service providers and marketing partners may from time to time use “cookies” or other technologies to enable us or third parties to gather or exchange information about you.

With the aid of our advertising partners, including remarketing, we can use these capabilities to offer new services and features, improve our platform and the services we offer, and/or give you more relevant information.

10cric Cookie policy

“Cookies” are unique identifiers that are saved on your computer or mobile device and keep track of information about your device as well as details about how and when the Services or Platform are used or accessed, by how many users, and other activity on our Platform. We may link cookies and personal information.

Cookies also include data about the websites you have visited. Our third-party advertising partners can use this information to place adverts on websites all across the internet, analyze data, and keep track of how the Services are used.

By selecting the appropriate choices, cookies can be turned off on your browser or device. Nevertheless, keep in mind that you might not be able to use all of the features of our Platform or the Services if you do this.

How to Safeguard and Preserve Your Personal Data

  • You can have faith in 10cric too.
  • processed in accordance with your rights.
  • processed fairly and legally.
  • only acquired for the purposes specified above.
  • sufficient, pertinent, and reasonable under the circumstances.
  • kept in a safe manner
  • and not maintained any longer than is necessary to achieve its goals.

10cric will take all necessary efforts to keep your information private. In this regard, we continue to maintain the required organizational and technical security measures to protect your data from unauthorized or improper processing.

10cric preserve personal data in Privacy policy

In order to fulfill our legal and commercial requirements, we are required to keep your information for as long as you are a customer. We will continue to store your personal information even if you stop using 10cric’s services. We maintain your information for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Observing the obligations imposed by Indian law on citizens (such as licensing requirements or anti-money laundering rules).
  • To establish or rebut future legal allegations brought against us, such as negligence charges.
  • uphold our contractual obligations and rights concerning the pertinent information.
  • As we did balance tests, our legitimate interests came into play.
  • should adhere to the guidelines put forth by the authorized data protection authorities.

We encrypt sensitive information stored in our systems, such as usernames, passwords, credit card or debit card details, mobile phone numbers, and email addresses. Only the software will be able to decode this data since it is given a high level of user access protection. In a secure server, every event or activity is recorded.

Because we have no control over the devices you use to access our website and send us information via email, messaging services, or our website, we are unable to apply the same level of security to them. Hence, before collecting your personal information, we are not responsible for the safety or protection of any data that may have been intercepted.

If our Privacy Statement changes in any way

If you give us personal information, you might wish to go over this Privacy Policy before doing so because it might change from time to time to reflect changes in how we operate or how our work is governed. The date of the most recent update to this page will be shown.

If you do not agree to these changes, please stop giving 10cric your personal information and refrain from utilizing our services completely. The changes to the Privacy Policy will be regarded as your acceptance until you disagree.

10cric Privacy policy statement

In addition, you can always delete your account. If the Privacy Policy is changed in a significant way that will have an impact on how we use your personal information, we will give you more prominent notice (including, for some services, email notification of the Privacy Policy change), and you will need to expressly agree to these changes to continue using the Service. If you approve the changes, they go into effect right away.

Ownership by the Player

By using our website and giving us access to your personal information, you consent to 10cric casino requesting your true, accurate, and whole data. You must also notify us of any changes to maintain the accuracy and currency of your information.

10cric privacy policy of the ownership

If it is established that you have broken your responsibilities or if we have a good faith conviction that the information you supply is false, incomplete, or otherwise in violation of the Data Privacy Act or this Policy, we reserve the right to reject your registration application or to suspend or delete your account immediately and without prior notice.